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Gallant 53

‘Longest GRP production yacht in her day, but still a Gentleman’s yacht’

The Dutch designer E.G. van de Stadt designed the Gallant as a fast, safe and comfortable yacht to cross the oceans. In 1977/1978 Naomi James proved it was, she sailed singlehanded around the world. She was the first woman ever who did this.

The Gallant’s were built between 1967 and 1973 at Tyler’s and Southern Ocean Shipyard in England. She was the first GRP yacht to win the Lloyds Trophy, for her excellence in design and construction.

As far as we know there are still several Gallant’s crossing the oceans. We put them together in a Gallants names and photos PDF. We also made a scan of the first brochure and a summary of original names and the later names.

And for some extra information, this is a nice article from 1966.

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